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Home of the small business owners Custom Ad lab.

Folks keep asking why would we create custom ads for less than $150?

The answer's simple:

We believe once you see the results you'll be back for more.

I use winning formulas to create highly effective ads. My ad creation methods are straight from the teachings of the best advertisers in the business, ad gurus such as; David Ogilvy, Joseph Sugarman, Bill Schley, Luke Sullivan, Mark Joyner and Victor Schwab.

I guarantee you'll be happy with your ad, because if you aren't happy I'll redo your ad for free. How many times will I redo your ad? UNLIMITED TIMES. That's an ironclad guarantee. No fine print needed. You won't find a better custom ad deal anywhere on the planet

For your convenience, I offer three different custom ad packages:

The completely customized short ad (100 words or less)

The completely customized Half Page Ad

The completely customized Full Page Ad